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Welcome to the experimental platform for the rapid homology modelling of Fructanase and Cytochrome P450s protein families from primary sequence at the Institute of Life Science. This platform was developed at the Genome & Structural Bioinformatics laboratory led by Dr. Jonathan Mullins in collaboration with Dr. Roberto Togawa from the Bioinformatics laboratory at Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology - Brasilia - Brazil.

The platform core is based on MODELLER, in conjunction with a dedicated web interface to make it easy to use. The MODELLER package requires a good deal of customization in order to work with local files and to be modified for out particular purposes. MODELLER is a well known and widely cited homology modelling program, which is freely available for academic use and is possible to install in machines based on the Linux operational system. The method relies on an input sequence alignment between the target amino acid sequence to be modelled and a template protein whose structure has been solved.

Other modules are adopted from the Biskit package. Biskit is a modular, object-oriented Python library for especially developed for structural bioinformatics research. It facilitates the manipulation and analysis of macromolecular structures, protein complexes, and molecular dynamics trajectories. In effect, we will piece together a series of "off-the-shelf" generic modules, knit them together and customise them for our specific modelling platforms. Some modifications were made in the basic Biskit package in order to be able to load sequences and PDB structures from local directories.

At the initial development stage, the access will be restricted. Any further information or authorization access to use the platform, please contact or .

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Developed by: Roberto Togawa
Jonathan Mullins